Chloé Jarry

Chloé Jarry, born in 1985 in Montmorency (France), lives and works in Nantes (France).
Graduated from the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Nantes Métropole in 2010 (DNSEP)

Chloé Jarry’s work focuses on everyday life, the banality of objects around us and their transformations. Through ceramics she plays with changes to offer a new look at the usual, to highlight what we forget.
Strongly inspired by the many trips and residences she has been able to do, Chloé Jarry is an artist for whom savoir-faire has a paramount importance. Through this, she observes, as a witness, an aspect trans-generational with a passage of culture, which allows her to perpetuate or be reborn, a practice, a craft, which is today replaced by mass production.
Mixed into her work comes the idea of highlighting, to value the objects of the everyday (bulbs, switches, air vents, etc …); in considering the repetition of an almost artisanal gesture that allows her then to be able to reveal the asperities of manufacture which make the unique objects, even realized in series.

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