Anaïs Gauthier

Anaïs Gauthier was born in Paris in 1991. After a BTS in graphic design, she naturally found herself attracted to the Fine Arts, to continue in the same direction. The discovery of materials ranging from metal and wood, which she sands with a grinder, to the manipulation of heavy forms with soft appearance made of ceramic, lead her to a more sculptural research. She graduated from the EESAB in Lorient with the congratulations of the jury in 2016. She was the assistant of Gilbert Peyre and exhibited in Brittany and in Mulhouse, particularly following her residency in the Jura in the program “Création en cours” supported by the Ateliers Médicis, Clichy, Montfermeil and the Ministère de la culture.

Her research explores movement. For example crushing, like the weight of things leaving traces or the feeling of being dominated and movements that are circular and repetitive, stagnant or irregular. These movements are as real, such as with the help of a motor or manual rudimentary mechanics, as imaginary. Her line of questioning brings her now to a study of repetition, as a search for a way out of that same pattern, in order to get out of a cyclical mechanism, by understanding how to extract oneself from it. She creates links between mechanics, the body and our behaviors.

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